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Mayuge (麻桶毛 Mayuge) are hair yōkai that possess dolls.


In the manga, a Mayuge possessed a child-sized doll that has large black eyes, long hair with ribbons tied on both sides of the doll's head. The doll wears a dark-colored kimono with a light-colored obi, both having an intricate floral pattern and lacks any footwear.[1]

Within the sixth anime, a pair of Mayuge possessed a pair of Hina dolls, specifically the Empress and Emperor. Both dolls have heads, necks and hands that are made of carved wood covered in gofun. Their heads have grey spots above their thin eyebrows, thin movable eyes which have black irises and slightly opened mouths with red lips. The Empress' doll has a puffy hairstyle with a gold saishi topped on the head. The doll wears a Jūnihitoe, consisting of a five-layer kimono, featuring green, orange, gold, red and lavender among the innermost colors, the outermost being colored red with a yellow floral pattern, a goldenrod-colored kake-obi tied around the shoulders that also has a floral pattern, a red Nagabakama and a golden fan with the image of a tree on it. The Emperor's doll has short hair wearing a black kanmuri tied with a dark purple rope that ends with tassels. The doll wears a Sokutai, consisting of a black Hoh with a golden floral pattern and a Kaza-tachi sheathed to its left and holding a yellow shaku in its right hand.[2]



Shinpen GeGeGe no Kitarō

A Mayuge appears in the 20th chapter of Shinpen GeGeGe no Kitarō, Mayuge.[1]

2018 Anime

The Emperor and Empress appear in the 46th episode of the sixth anime adaptation, The Cursed Doll Festival: Mayuge.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Hair Manipulation: As they are a strand of hair on the dolls themselves, they have full control over the doll's hair, being able to grow the rest of the doll's hair, using it for offense and to entangle their victims. Once they completely cover their target with hair, they absorb the energy of their victims. Their hair is noted to be harder than steel.[2]

  • Doll Transmutation: After the victim's energy is absorbed by the Mayuge, they are transformed into dolls used in Hinamatsuri. Some dolls will have features that resemble their original forms, such as having a missing eye or visible whiskers.[2]

Levitation: The Mayuge are capable of floating in the air.[2]

Head Detachment: Being the hair rather than the doll itself, the Mayuge are able to detach their dolls' head from the body, suffering no consequences from it.[2]


The Mayuge is a single hair that was originally an object of worship for shrines. However, Mayuge that aren't enshrined hide among doll's hair and live forever.



  • Mayuge means "hemp, flax" (麻 ma), "tub, barrel, pail, bucket" (桶 yu) and "hair, fur" (毛 ke/ge), which literally means "linen hair".



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