Miyabi Momoyama (桃山雅 or 桃山みやび Momoyama Miyabi), also referred to as Miya (みや Miya), is Mana's friend and a recurring human character in the 2018 anime.


Miyabi is a girl around Mana's age and height with fair skin, straight, dull green hair where a lock hangs between her eyes, which have dull violet irises. Her school uniform consists of a white long sleeve collared shirt, with a medium length teal skirt and matching tie, short white socks and brown tipped shoes.[1] During the colder seasons, she wears a light teal, long-sleeved jacket over her collared shirt.[2] Her casual attire usually consists of an orange T-shirt, with a yellow trim and a single yellow horizontal stripe in the middle, olive green shorts and brown strap sandals.[3]



Sixth Anime

Episode Three: Miyabi first appears in the third episode of the sixth anime adaptation, Tantanbō's Yōkai CastleShe is seen with Mana and another student when their class was touring a facility that was being constructed.[1]

Episode Eight: Miyabi is briefly seen in episode eight, Menace! Kagami-Jijii's Plot. In this episode, she is seen walking with Mana and another friend from their school.[4]

Episode 15: Miyabi appears in episode #15, Zunbera Spirit Surgery. In this episode, she and Mana spot Kirara while walking home from school. After Kirara undergoes Spirit Surgery, Miyabi is among the many students who are surprised by Kirara's new appearance.[5]

Episode 25: Miyabi appears again in episode #25, Kubire-Oni's Curse. After Mana receives a heartless message on the RAIN messaging app from their classmate Karin Yamane, she talks to Miyabi about it the next day. Miyabi suggests that Mana can get her revenge by using a cursed app. Miyabi then downloads the app for Mana soon after.[6]


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