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Mizuchi (蛟 or みずち, means Water Spirit/God or Water Serpent) is a water dragon and is both the guardian and the creator of the Mount Penglai.



As an Asian dragon, Mizuchi has a Gekirin (逆鱗, lit. Reverse Scale) or Sakasa-Uroko (逆さ鱗, lit. Reverse Scale) on its forehead, and is extremely sensitive to anyone who tries to touch or steal it, making it out of control until the scale will be recovered.

However, Mizuchi is calm by nature and keeps manifesting the Mount Penglai as long as its Gekirin is safe.


Fourth Anime

Mizuchi appears in episode #14 of the fourth anime adaptation, Mirage Ocean Dragon: Mizuchi.[1]

When Nezumi-Otoko saw the Gekirin of Mizuchi, he thought it is a valuable treasure and took off from the ground. However, where Nezumi-Otoko was standing was actually the head of the dragon; Mizuchi awoke and enraged to the intruder and the Mount Penglai disappeared. On a small island nearby, Xú Fú explained the secret of the island and the connection to the dragon, and Kitarō on Ittan-Momen went to recover the scale and calm Mizuchi. With Kani-Bōzu's aid, Kitarō finally managed to persuade Nezumi-Otoko and recover the scale on Mizuchi, bringing back a peace.

Powers and Abilities


Manifesting Mount Penglai:



  • Shigeru Mizuki noted Mizuchi can cast rains and winds, and is the inspiration source of Kōryū. Shigeru Mizuki also painted the similar-nature Shusse-Bora (出世螺) which is an aged Triton's trumpet turning into a dragon.



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