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Mora (モーラ Mōra) or Dream Demon Mora (夢魔モーラ Muma Mōra) is an akuma that appeared in the Akuma-kun anime. She is a servant of Amduscias and is the ruler of the Dream Demon Realm Jigoku.


Mora is a human-faced sphinx or dragon-like demon in general with bird-like wings and feline-like limbs, snake-like tongue, reptile-like protrusions along her spine and long tail, and a long neck.




When Shingo Umoregi's spirit was trapped in the Dream Demon Realm Jigoku by Amduscias, Mora tries to enslave him with fear and sent her servants including Zu. She almost succeeded in achieving her task but fails when Shingo overcame his fear and stood up with the support from his Twelve Apostles and the imprisoned children from India and the black Akuma vanished along with her servants when they were touched by Shingo.

Powers and Abilities




The Mare, "Mara" in, Proto-Slavic, Old High German, Old Norse, and Swedish, is a female sleep demon from Germanic and Slavic folklore, that brings on bad dreams by riding on people's chests while they sleep. They are also thought to suffocate sleepers as they lie upon them. In Old English, its name is mære, the root for the word "nightmare". Other European folklore has variants of it, where it is called Mora in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Slovenia, and Slovakia. It is thought to originate from sleep paralysis, a state in which a person is aware but unable to move or speak. It is similar to the Kikimora in the north-western Russian and South-Russian traditions.