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The Moth (蛾 Ga) is a moth Yōkai that can grow extraordinarily fast.[1] It is called Oniga (鬼蛾 Oniga, lit. Demon Moth) in the 1968 anime.[2]


In the manga, the moth is a large, dark-colored moth with compound eyes, short antennae, three pairs of legs, a wide abdomen, and most notably, lacking a mouth. It has two pairs of large wings with light-colored scales and a pattern of dark-colored scales.[1]

Within the 1968 anime, the Oniga are small moth Yōkai, resembling an average moth in its imago stage, having light setae around their heads and thorax, segmented abdomen, three pairs of legs, a pair of labial palp, and a pair of black eyes. They have two pairs of wings that match their setae, with the upper pair having light stripes.[2]

In the 1985 anime, the moth is a giant moth with brown setae covering its head and thorax, the latter having a lighter shade, purple compound eyes, thin antennae, and a lime striped abdomen. Additionally, it has three pairs of legs, a pair of labial palp, and a thick maxillary palp, resembling an ant's mandibles instead, all three are colored rosy brown. It has two pairs of wings, larger than most of its body, having primarily tan scales and orange scales patterned across.[3]


In the 1968 anime, an Oniga was saved by Kitarō from Nezumi-Otoko who tried to step on the moth. The same imago later came to aid Kitarō against Hakusanbō.



A wasp injected the egg of a moth into Hakusanbō when he transformed into a giant rock to crush Kitarō. The larva hatches inside, eating the organs for nourishment, killing Hakusanbō in the process, and pupating. After some time, the moth emerges from the rock and flies away, dying relatively soon as it had no mouth.[1]

1968 Anime

An Oniga resting on a branch flies and rests on Nezumi-Otoko's shoulder as he converses with Kitarō. The Yōkai boy notices it, scaring the rat Yōkai who jumps and clings onto a vine as the Oniga lands on the ground. Nezumi-Otoko tries to step on it but Kitarō pushes him away, putting the moth in his Chanchanko. Later as Hakusanbō transforms into a giant rock to crush Kitarō, the Oniga in his Chanchanko flies out, stings the Kitsune and lays eggs inside of him, making him jump off of the Yōkai boy and screaming in pain. The Oniga follows him, still in the form of a rock, until he stops and a crack appears where a swarm of the Oniga's offspring emerge and flies off.[2]

1985 Anime

The Moth flies away

The last wasp in the nest injected a moth egg into Hakusanbō when he transformed into a giant rock to crush Kitarō. The moth larva hatches inside, killing Hakusanbō as it eats his organs for nourishment, and pupating afterward. The following morning it emerges from the rock, flapping its wings, and circles the home before flying away.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Accelerated Growth: The moth larva is able to grow very quickly, eating and pupating at a fast rate, emerging out of the rock in a short timeframe.[1] In the 1968 anime, the Oniga larvae growing within Hakusanbō pupated in a matter of seconds after the kitsune stopped moving, emerging in their imago stage shortly afterward.[2] In the 1985 anime, the Oniga emerged overnight.[3]

Flight: It is capable of flight by flapping its two pairs of wings.[1][2][3]

Paralyzing Sting: The Oniga is able to sting its target, paralyzes them, and allowing it to lay its eggs within them.[2]

Accelerated Reproduction: In the 1968 anime, the Oniga laid a large cluster of eggs within Hakusanbō in a matter of seconds.[2]


The moth is described as like Mothra, a fictional moth Kaijū from the Godzilla franchise. She is typically portrayed as a colossal sentient moth, either in its larva or imago stage, accompanied by two miniature female humanoids speaking on her behalf, and is a largely heroic character, having been portrayed variously as a protector of her own island culture, Japan, or the Earth as a whole, unlike other Toho monsters.



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