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The Mu Empire (ムー帝国, Mu Teikoku) is an underground civilization that plots to conquer the surface world. They serve as the main antagonists in Kitarō Kunitori Monogatari.


Long ago, the Mu Empire was established on the continent Mu in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. 10,000 years ago the continent sunk into ocean and was thought to be destroyed. However, the Mu survived and propsered as an underground civilization. They are a savage people, and all who enter their kingdom are imprisoned without mercy.

Under the rule of their king, the Mu once coexisted peacefully with the surface world, but the Prime Minister and his yōkai minions staged a coup d'état and imprisoned the king. The Prime Minster had secretly been controlling the kingdom behind the king's back and soon began his plan to conquer the surface and create a paradise for his people. In the Mu Empire, humans are forced to work as slaves to the native citizens.

The Mu developed a type of science called Soul Science, which allows them to extract souls from humans. By eating the souls of victims kidnapped by their army, the leaders of the Mu Army have been able to live for centuries.



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