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Mujara 1

Mujara Complete Edition Vol. 1

Mujara (妖鬼化, roughly translates to Yōkai-ization) is a series of Yōkai guidebooks by Shigeru Mizuki released by Softgarage. It was also released with accompanying DVD, audio books and in ebook form.




Special Edition came with an audio book featuring the voices of the 4th anime adaptation cast: Yōko Matsuoka as Kitarō, Isamu Tanonaka as Medama-Oyaji and Shigeru Chiba as Nezumi-Otoko.

  • Volume 1: Japan Edition (Hokkaido, Tohoko and Kanto)
  • Volume 2: Japan Edition (Chubu)
  • Volume 3: Japan Edition (Kinki and Chugoku)
  • Volume 4: Japan Edition (Shikoku, Kyushu and Okinawa)
  • Volume 5: World Edition (Asia, Oceania, Africa and America)
  • Volume 6: World Edition (Europe)
  • Volume 7: World Edition (Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and China) / Akuma Edition
  • Volume 8: Other World Edition / Special Edition

Mujara Popular Edition

  • Volume 1: Kanto, Hokkaido and Okinawa Edition
  • Volume 2: Chubu Edition
  • Volume 3: Kinki Edition
  • Volume 4: Chugoku and Shikoku Edition
  • Volume 5: Tohoko and Kyushu Edition
  • Volume 6: World and Special Edition

Mujara Complete Edition

  • Volume 1: Okinawa and Kyushu
  • Volume 2: Shikoku and Chugoku I
  • Volume 3: Chugoku II and Kinki I
  • Volume 4: Kinki II and Chubu I
  • Volume 5: Chubu II and Kanto I
  • Volume 6: Kanto II, Tohoko and Hokkaido
  • Volume 7: Entire Country and Special Edition
  • Volume 8: Europe I
  • Volume 9: Europe II, Eastern Europe, Northern Europe and Africa I
  • Volume 10: Africa II, Oceania and China I
  • Volume 11: China II and Asia I
  • Volume 12: Asia II, America and others

Mujara ebooks


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