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Mummies (ミイラ Miira or マミー Mamī) are a race of Yōkai covered in wrappings.




In 2007 anime, Balmond's tribe was depicted as a noble or a royal family among Egyptian yōkai, and Balmond looked down Backbeard as being "a guy with a short history".

Powers and Abilities

Bandage Manipulation: Mummies can manipulate their wrappings, using them to bind their targets. The more powerful Mummies are able to shape their wrappings into different weapons.

List of Mummies

Name Debut Series
Balmond GeGeGe no Kitarō (2007)
Tutankhamun N/A
Two-Headed Mummy Kitarō's World Obake Tour


An illustration of mummy-making by Mizuki Shigeru

A Mummy is a dead body, either that of a human or an animal, whose soft tissues and organs have been preserved through different kinds of methods, either intentional or accidental, so that it would not decay over time. Examples of methods include exposure to chemicals, extreme cold, very low humidity, or lack of air. Mummies are found all around the world, where the oldest one ever found was in South America. Though most people associate mummies with Egypt, when the mummy genre started when Egypt was being colonized in the 19th century. Where undead mummies were used in literature as early as 1827, and joined the 19th-century Gothic monsters, starring in several horror movies in the earlier 20th century.



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