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Nami-Kozō (波小僧 Nami-Kozō, lit. Wave Boy) is a yōkai boy that surfs.


Nami-Kozō resembles a small boy that has yellow skin with several small blue spots around his torso and arms, light blue hair and his torso is a lighter yellow. His eyes are rather big and have orange irises and small black pupils. He only wears a pair of pale, light blue shorts that is tied by a white cord.[1]



2007 Anime

Along with Iwanabōzu, Nami-Kozō appears and becomes one of the 47 Yokai warriors in episode #92 of the fifth anime adaptation, Violent!! Yōkai Waterwheel!! Good Luck Nami-Kozō. He is the 19th of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors and the representative of Shizuoka Prefecture.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Nami-Kozō, an informer of weather, is one of the Seven Mysteries of Enshū. His legends is somewhat similar to that of Zan the mermaid from Ryūkyū Islands, to inform people the occurrences of natural disasters in favors of releasing the yōkai entangled back to the sea.

Mizuki introduced Nami-Kozō in his book as a type of high-ranked kappa and is close to a god.[2] Umi-Kozō is considered as an alias of Nami-Kozō.


  • A statue of Nami-Kozō appears as one of the numerous bronze statues made around Sakaiminato, to keep Kani-Bōzu from being lonely and as a tribute.[3]


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