Img nanashi
Japanese 名無し
English Nameless
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
First Appearance
Anime Series 6 Episode 1 (2018)
2018 anime Banjō Ginga

Nanashi (名無し, lit. Nameless) is a yōkai and the recurring antagonist of the 2018 anime. He is an ominous masked man with a cryptic and mysterious goal.


Nanashi appears as a tall ominous figure, wearing a long black cloak that fades as it goes down, a matching black hat, resembling a fedora or homburg. His hands are pale white and rather bony. He is constantly surrounded by a dark aura. His most notable feature is his face which is white, his eyes have black scelrae and glowing purple pupils.[1] Later it is revealed that this is actually a mask.[2]


Little is known about Nanashi's personality, other than he is very mysterious and enigmatic. He speaks in strange sentences and cryptic phrases.

Nanashi's end goal is still unknown. What is known however is that Nanashi has consistently tried to gather as much malice from humans and yōkai as possible in order to awake something of interest. Mana herself seems to be instrumental for this and is Nanashi's chosen vessel for this purpose, and whenever Nanashi collects enough malice, he infuses it into Mana in the form of seals, without her being aware of it. By Nanashi's own account, he needs five of these seals to complete his objective, out of which he has successful acquired four.


Sixth Anime

He is first seen in the opening behind Mana in the train station scene and at the end of episode one, where he shoots Kitarō in the back with an arrow from a rooftop. The arrow has a pentagon shape carved into it.[1] In episode two, Medama-Oyaji states that it isn't just a star mark; it's the flow of the five elements that make up everything. In addition, he informs everyone that an upside down pentagon represents a connection with Jigoku - that someone carved this shape into the arrow and targeted Kitarō. At this point in time, it is unknown to the Kitarō Family that Nanashi was behind the attack. At the end of this second episode, Nanashi is seen placing a sheet on the ground with the pentagon symbol, awakening Tantanbō.[3] After Tantanbō and the others affiliated with the Yōkai Castle are defeated in episode three, Nanashi is seen watching over Kitarō and the others before turning away.[4]

He returns much later and is seen in the beginning of episode #11, where he releases the seal placed on the Kaname Stone and awakens the 808 Tanuki.[5] When the Tanuki and the Yō-Kaijū are defeated at the end of episode #12, Nanashi is seen directing the malice from humans that were under the Tanuki's influence into Mana's right palm. It is the same palm that held the power of the Kaname Stone after she pushed the stone off a ledge in order to break it. A red character symbolozing the element of wood, "木(Ki, lit. wood)," appeared on Mana's palm before vanishing. Mana collapses soon afterward. The next morning, Nanashi is seen watching Mana from an electricity pole, singing an eerie song about a hollow vessel while a sequence of a blue-eyed woman being chased down by two men with a sword is shown.[6]

In episode #19 he appears behind a middle school student sitting by a shrine, who complains about going to cram school in the summer, wishing his teacher was dead, Nanashi's tongue extends and gives the boy a quick lick on his back. It is also revealed that he has the power to resurrect yōkai defeated by Kitarō. He resurrects Tantanbō, Futakuchi-Onna and Kamaitachi in addition to Miage-Nyūdō. With Miage-Nyūdō as the principal, Tantanbō and the others serve as teachers at the Obake School where disillusioned young people can be turned into obake. He finally shows himself to Mana but disappears soon after as a silent silhouette passing through her body. Kitarō defeats Tantanbō and the others once more and asks him who was responsible for their revival, to which Tantanbō immediately replies that Nanashi revived them. Kitarō asks who Nanashi is, but Tantanbō ignores the question and states that Kitarō cannot win against Nanashi before his body is destroyed again. Later, Nanashi appears before Kitarō, appearing as a raving madman sprouting half-intelligible threats towards the young yōkai. "To consume you is my pleasure!" was his last phrase before vanishing again. Medama-Oyaji says that as Nanashi's name implies, perhaps he has no name. Kitarō is still left perplexed about Nanashi's existence as the episode ends.[7]

In episode #25, Nanashi is first seen in a dark room. A phone on the floor receives texts that target its owner, pushing the owner to die. A toppled chair and a pair of legs are seen dangling: the owner has committed suicide. Nanashi appears from the corner and looks at the phone, removing his mask and smiles as he extends his tongue and to begins licking the phone. He is next seen within Mana's phone and watches her and Miyabi as they download the Curse App. He begins talking about a hollow vessel becoming real. The Curse App's victims increase, and Nanashi is seen again atop a tree with a noose set on one of its branches. He states that cursing is wonderful and that it reveals the depths of the soul and a person's malice. He bends to his right and extends his tongue to lick the noose. Mana gets a hold of her phone again in an attempt to contact Neko-Musume, but is quickly surrounded by Curse App victims and is prompted to enter a name into the app. Mana, worried of what may happen if she enters Karin's name once more, enters her own name into the app and Nanashi appears behind her as she does so. However, he vanishes and is not seen again until after Kubire-Oni appears and is defeated. Mana's phone is returned to her and Medama-Oyaji claims that it is now safe. Afterward, Nanashi stands on top of a tower, humming about cursing others and states that dark thoughts will never cease until "the world of man comes to an end." He leans back and raises his arm to the sky and it simultaneously appears out out of Mana's phone. Mana is asleep and unaware of this. Nanashi's hand reaches out to her forehead from within her phone and marks her forehead with the character symbolizing the element of fire, "火(Hi, lit. fire)." He counts this as two and asks when will the day come when five are gathered as his arm retreats back into the phone.[2]

In episode #27, he appears and shields Agnès from Adél's attacks. Although he points to a certain direction, Agnès states that she will choose where she goes on her own and flies off on her broom. Nanashi then watches as she leaves and says, "where you proceed is my desire." He appears again on top of a building, speaking about war.[7]


Archery: Nanashi appears to have am impressive skill in archery, being able to shoot an arrow from a rather far roof into the back of Kitarō.[1]

Levitation: Nanashi constantly appears to be floating, seemingly lacking any legs.[3]

Dark Sorcery: Nanashi appears to have some connection with Jigoku as Medama-Oyaji mentioned, with many of his doings involved an inverted pentagram, such as on the arrow he used to shoot Kitarō with.[3]

  • Yōkai Awakening: He was able awaken Tantanbō, Futakuchi-Onna and Kamaitachi by placing a sheet with an inverted pentagram on the ground of a stadium, which started to glow.[4]
  • Malice Transferring: After the defeat the Yō-Kaijū, he had sent the malice of the humans to Mana's right palm, forming a glowing red symbol before it disappeared. The symbol is seen again later, when Nanashi senses the energy within Mana, now much larger.[6]
  • Yōkai Resurrection: He is also capable of resurrecting defeated yōkai, which they all have an inverted pentagram on their forehead, with the exception of Tantanbō, who's symbol is on his nose.[7]

Extendable Tongue: He is shown to be able to extend his tongue to long lengths, reaching the back of a middle school student while standing straight.[7]

Intangibility: He was able to pass through Mana when she encountered him at night by herself.[7]

Vanishing and Appearing: He is also able to disappear from any location, vanishing in the form of a dark aura.[7] He can also appear in a place at will, using the same method.[2]


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