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Nekiri-Mushi (根切り虫 Nekiri-Mushi, lit. Root-Cutting Worms) is a type of Yōkai worms.


When it comes to feeding, it has a rather destructive nature that it would destroy entire jungle by feeding recklessly on plants.



In Blood Battle Ogasawara, Medama-Oyaji summoned them and greatly weakened Kyūketsuju and exterminated Kyūketsuju's children.

1985 Anime

A girl named Satoko told Kitarō and others about the stories of Nekiri-Mushi that the worms had almost exterminated the jungle of the island of Ogasawara Islands. Later, Kitarō summoned a group of Nekiri-Mushi with Yōkai Ocarina and let the worms to eat roots of Kyūketsuju's children and defeated the buds.

Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō

Ido-no-Kami witnessed a group of Nobusuma, that were under the control of Sakabashira, controlling humans. To let Kitarō and others know, Idogami sent several Nekiri-Mushi as messengers. Later, Kitarō and others tried to summon the worms to defeat Sakabashira, and while dealing with the copies of Sakabashira, the worms bit off the roots of Sakabashira which is the true form of Sakabashira, making it flee and entrapped Kitarō and others, and Sakabashira was defeated along with its copies.



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