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Neko (寝子) is a young girl with the ability to transform into a Bake-Neko who appears in the rental manga stories The Vampire Tree and the Neko-Musume and A Walk to Hell.

In many ways she is a precursor to the character Neko-Musume, but she is officially classified as a separate character.


Neko is a young girl of with long black hair, fair skin and light brown eyes. She wears a white blouse with long sleeves under a red skirt with suspenders, a pair of white socks and brown shoes.



Both due to his affection towards her, and as a get-rich-quick scheme, Kitarō helps her becoming a famous idol singer, until the Fake Kitarō and Nezumi-Otoko forced her to reveal her bake-neko face in front of the public and then drive her to suicide in a plan to steal Kitarō's chanchanko and crush his spirit.

Since then, Neko's soul came to reside in Jigoku and, when Fake Kitarō ends up trapped there too, she gives up the possibility to be resurrected, forgiving him and sending the young boy back to the mortal realm with a piece of Nezumi-Otoko's brain she bit off during her bake-neko transformation.

Despite her physical death, she's still a powerful force behind the second part of the story: in her name the Fake Kitarō repents becoming a devout ally of Kitarō, and Kitarō himself is left deeply shocked, acting even more reckless and unbalanced than before.

Powers and Abilities

Bake-Neko Form: Neko has the ability to transform into Bake-Neko form, gaining cat-like eyes, sharp nails and pointy ears, similar to Neko-Musume. Though she cannot completely control this form, instead it goes by her instincts, as after seeing a rat she transformed to chase after it.

Image Songs

Additionally, the ending theme song to the Hakaba Kitarō anime was sung by her voice actress, Shoko Nakagawa.



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