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The New Guinea Forest Spirits (ニューギニアの森の精 Nyuginia no Mori no Sei) are Yōkai from New Guinea that dwell in the forests.[1]


In the 2007 anime, the forest spirits resemble masses of long black hair, with three varieties of conical straw hats with wide brims. One has a green and yellow mask with several triangular holes, the green part has a pair of pale red circles with smaller blue circles and black centers, representing eyes and wide mouths, and long chin. Another variety has a large single eye like the previous variety with a yellow ring around it, a large pale orange segment extends from above, and a yellow beak just below the hat. The last has no mask, instead, surrounding its hat are four lime green circles, each with a red circle within a yellow ring and a blue feather on top.[1]



2007 Anime

They appears in episode 96 of the 2007 anime adaptation, Strange Romance! The Yōka's Invitation.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Levitation: The forests are able to hover a few feet above the ground, even being able to fly away.[1]


Blowpipes and blowdarts: The forest spirits are equipped with thin, beige blowpipes and a seemingly limitless supply of blowdarts. These blowdarts are thin green darts with blue feathers and are tipped in poison.[1]




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