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Nora (ノラ Nora) is a Neko-Mata that appears in the 2007 anime.


Nora is an anthropomorphic cat with black fur and purple stripes, due to being a Neko-Mata he has two tails. His eyes have yellow sclerae with black pupils and he has thin whiskers on his face. He usually wears a white cloak that covers most of his back and has two holes for his ears to poke out.



2007 Anime

Nora appears in episode #97 of the fifth anime adaptation, Shock!! Kitarō Becomes a Cat!He became one of the chosen 47 Yōkai Warriors and represents Toyama Prefecture. His mark is located on his left paw.

Powers and Abilities


  • "Nora" can mean stray, reflecting to how he and his brother were stray kittens before becoming Yōkai.



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