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Img numagozen18 EP29
Japanese 沼御前
English Lady Swamp
Species Yōkai
Gender Female
First Appearance
Anime Series 5 Episode 5 (2007)
2007 anime Nanaho Katsuragi
2018 anime Hiromi Konno

Numa-Gozen (沼御前, Lady Swamp) is a yōkai.


In the fifth anime, Numa-Gozen's upper-half of her body is a slender woman wearing a loose, blue kimono with a black trim, a dark blue obi with a light blue obijime and a light lavender obiage that ties around it. She has long purple hair that reaches her waist, pale lavender skin, blue lips and her eyes have red irises. Rather than legs, her lower-half is made up of four long snakes with white scales, a grey underside, sharp teeth and three red circular, pupil-less eyes.[1]

In the sixth anime, Numa-Gozen's appearance is that of beautiful young woman with pointy ears, pale gray skin and long light purple hair that reaches her waist and is parted in the middle with two forelocks falling to her sides each with a strand separated from them. Her lips are covered in eyes have faint purple sclerae with red irises and black pupils, around them are her long purple eyelashes, above them are a pair of elongated, diagonal gray spots that seemingly acting as her eyebrows. She wears a loose red kimono with a white trim with black underneath it and a dark purple obi tied around her waist. She is able to assume a large serpent form that has pale gray skin with a white underside and most notably retaining her long light purple hair. Her mouth is filled with sharp white teeth and a long red forked tongue, while her eyes are completely red violet with yellow highlights and above them are the gray spots.[2]



Fifth Anime

She appears in the fifth episode of the fifth anime adaptation, The Cursed Movie.[1]

Sixth Anime

She appears in the 39th episode of the sixth anime adaptation, Yuki-Onna Snow White Love Report.[2]


Serpent Form: In the sixth anime, Numa-Gozen is able to transform into a giant snake whilst keeping her long hair. In this form she is capable of constricting her prey and cause a roar that can knock back and counter her opponent.[2]


The original Numa-Gozen is said to live in a well and attacks anybody who comes near. She died during the war while trying to find her husband who had become deceased as well.


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