Nure-Onna or Nure-Onago (濡れ女 or 濡れ女子, wet woman) is a serpent-like female yōkai.


Nure-Onna resembles a large serpent with the head of a woman, she has brown scales and a white underside. She has green eyes, long, soaking black hair, a long forked tongue and a pair of arms with five white claws.[1]



Third Anime

Episode Six: Nure-Onna first appears in episode six of the third anime adaptation, Hell Journey! Ghost Train!!She was among several other yōkai on board the Ghost Train, but played a larger role in scaring the two drunk men who were bound for Jigoku.

Sixth Anime

Episode Seven: She is first seen in the seventh episode of the sixth anime adaptation, Ghost Train, helping Kitarō scare the company boss along with several other yōkai.[1] 

Episode Ten: She is first identified in the tenth episode when she is spotted at the Yōkai Hot Springs by Kitarō and Medama-Oyaji, when they remember that it is a mixed bath. She steps out of the hotsprings, blushing, while saying she will see them again later.[2]

Episode 28: She is later among the many yōkai inhabitants of GeGeGe Forest to help Kitarō fight off the Western Yōkai. She is seen being pestered by some of Carmilla's bats.[3]

GeGeGe no Kitarō: Sennen Noroi Uta

In the live-action film GeGeGe no Kitarō: Sennen Noroi Uta, a mermaid named Nami (なみ, Wave) married a human named Umihito (海人, Ocean Man) and had a child, but was later burned alive by the Kidōshū and turned into a vengeful spirit, Nure-Onna.



Creatures with the head or upper body of human lady and the body of serpents or dragons can be found commonly among many lore around the world, and Nure-Onna is one of those.

In the legends, Nure-Onna often pairs with Gyūki to prey on humans.


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