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Img character 07
2018 anime art
Japanese ぬりかべ
English Plastered Wall
Wally Wall
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
Height 3 meters
Weight 1 ton
Home GeGeGe Forest
Abilities Immensely durable
Herculean strength
Plop down attack
Affiliation Kitarō Family
47 Yōkai Warriors
(2007 anime)
Nurikabe-Nyōbō (wife)
Ko-Nurikabe (children)
Other Information
Most frequently used word "Nurikabe"
Second most frequently used word "Nurikabe"
Favorite foods Wild grapes
Rice balls
Demeanor Middle-aged man
Fears Daidarabotchi
Notable quote "Nurikabe"
First Appearance
Manga A Walk to Hell (1961)
Anime Series 1 Episode 10 (1968)
see Cast
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Nurikabe (ぬりかべ or 塗壁, Plastered Wall) is a large, sleepy-eyed wall-shaped yōkai and a member of the Kitarō Family. His primary function in the series is to act as a shield to protect Kitarō and his friends.




Early design to have one eye

Nurikabe's appearance is that of a large, rectangular plastered wall with two eyes (one eye in the early stages of the original manga), two arms and two legs. In a few rare appearances he also had a mouth and nose, but this is rarely depicted. His body is usually gray, though in the 3rd anime he is light blue.


Img charadetail 07

2018 anime design.

Nurikabe first appeared in a cameo in the rental manga story A Walk to Hell and made his official debut in the Shonen Magazine story The Great Yōkai War. His first appearance in the 1st anime was in Ep. 10, the adaptation The Great Yōkai War. In both the manga and anime version of The Great Yōkai War, he dies during the battle with the Western yōkai when a swarm of vampires suck all of his blood out. He later reappears in the story Kasa-Jizō without any explanation as to how he was revived and became a recurring character. In the anime he reappeared in Ep. 27 of the 1st series, but didn't become a regular character until the 2nd series.


Similar to his legend, Nurikabe is a giant plaster wall who blocks the paths of his enemies. His age is unknown, but he tends to behave like a middle-aged man. In the 3rd anime Ep. 103, Nezumi-Otoko called him a "Middle-Aged Yōkai".

His body is extremely sturdy, enough for him to endure fire and lava without wavering, and he uses this to be able to guard his friends in such situations. His primary attack is shoving down enemies and collapsing on them, as well as trapping enemies in his body by plastering over them. The actual structure of his body is unknown, but in the 3rd anime (Ep. 59 & 94) it is shown that his bones resemble bamboo shoots. Since he was killed by vampire bites in The Great Yōkai War, it can be assumed he has blood. However, in the 4th anime Ep. 104 he is surrounded by several vampires but doesn't get sucked dry.

He eats normally and is even shown eating riceballs in the 1st anime. He is apparently quite gluttonus. In Korean Magic, Nezumi-Otoko teases him about eating too much and in Kitarō's World Obake Tour he complains about having to limit himself to one bun a day.

He is capable of talking but rarely does so, usually only saying "Nurikabe". Even in the 5th anime, which focused more on his personal life, he is rarely shown talking even to his friends. Until the 4th anime, he was only ever shown saying more than his name or a single (and often short) sentence a handful of times. Though a loyal friend of Kitarō's, how they first met has never been shown.


The 5th anime introduces his wife and kids. They are first introduced in Ep. 13, though they were also shown in the opening animation, technically making their first appearance Ep. 1.


From Shigeru Mizuki's "Japanese Yōkai Encyclopedia":[1]

According to Kunio Yanagita's "Yōkai Dangi", the Nurikabe is a yōkai that appears on the beaches of Onga, Chikuzen (modern day Fukuoka Prefecture). When you go walking down the road at night, your path will suddenly be blocked by a wall and you won't be able to move forward. Tapping the bottom with a stick will make it disappear, but tapping the upper area will do nothing.

During the war, I also came across one by chance while I was in South Asia.

During an enemy ambush I ran alone into the dark jungle, but at a certain place I couldn't move forward. It felt like I was pushing against solid tar and I couldn't move left or right. Of course, it was very dark and I couldn't see anything. Even still, I tried like mad to move forward, but never could.

I was, as they say, at a loss. After sitting down to assess the situation, I was able to move again. After that strange occurrence, I made it back to base without trouble. It seems like all I needed was a little break.

It seems the Nurikabe is a yōkai who appears before people with a troubled mind.

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  • His favorite food is yama-budo.
  • In the 2002 Kodansha International Bilingual Comics edition, he is referred to as Wally Wall.


  1. "Japanese Yōkai Encyclopedia Final Edition: Yōkai, Other Worlds and Gods", by Shigeru Mizuki, pg.


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