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Obariyon (オバリヨン Obariyon) is a Yōkai that surprises people by piggyback riding them.


Obariyon is small Yōkai that has a spherical body with a lime center and a lighter layer over it. He has short limbs and a light yellow mask-like markings around his tiny black eyes.



1996 Anime

Powers and Abilities


The Obariyon is a child-sized monster from Niigata prefecture that loves to piggyback on people. They leap onto unsuspecting travelers, crying out "obairyon!", and becoming heavier as they relent to carrying the Yōkai, nearly crushing them from their weight. If the traveler is good enough to carry it, then it will start chewing on the scalps of its hapless victim. In most tales of the Obariyon, those who managed to carry it the whole way home will find that the strange burden was a sack of money all along, and becomes incredibly rich. Their name comes from a phrase in local Niigata dialect meaning “give me a piggyback ride!”[1]



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