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Oitekebori (おいてけ堀 Oitekebori) or Oitekebori-Yurei (おいてけ堀幽霊) is a ghost-like yōkai.





Oitekebori first appears in the Saishinban GeGeGe no Kitarō story, The Yōkai Seven Mysteries, as part of the titular group under Nurarihyon's command. She rises from a moat and captures Kitarō, but Kitarō uses his electrical powers (amplified after his battle with Raijū) to break free and destroy her.[1]

She also appears makes a came appearance in the Mizuki Production story The Battle of Mt. Atago. Long ago people believe that mysterious and unexplained phenomena were caused by yōkai. One such example being Oitekebori, where she appears out of her canal and tells a pair of fishermen to leave.[2]

Third Anime

Oitekebori appears in episode 108 of the third anime adaptation.[3]

Fourth Anime

In episode 94 of the fourth anime adaptation, Series 4 Episode 94, a similar character named Mizu-Sennin appears.


The Oitekebori is a mysterious apparition from Honjo, Tokyo. It takes the form of a human ghost and makes it home in the canals and haunts fishermen and others who come too close. Its name is derived from a slang version of the phrase, “oite ike!”, which means “drop it and get out of here!”. It has garnered many explanations, ranging from a lazy kappa, a tanuki, a yūrei, a kawauso, a mujina or a suppon. One legend has two fishermen fishing in a particular spot of the canals, having a bountiful catch, just as they were leaving a voice from the canal called out "oiteke!". Depending from who is telling the story the outcome is different. In one the fishermen run in fear, leaving their baskets of fish and finding it the next day empty. In another they carry their baskets as they flee, finding them empty after safely arriving at home. Another one has one of the fishermen taking their basket while the other dropped his, the one who dropped his basket returned to his home safely, while the other was caught by a ghostly hand that rose out of the canal and dragged him into the water, never to be seen again.


  • Within concept arts for the third anime, Oitekebori was designed to be one-legged.



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