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Not to be confused with Sara-Kazoe.

Okiku (お菊 Okiku) is either a yōkai or a ghost and a performer of Hakusanbō's theater.




2007 Anime

Okiku appears in episode 11, Obake Comedy.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Okiku was a servant girl who lost a precious plate, who worked as a dish-washing servant at Himeji Castle. She was very beautiful, and it was not long before she caught the eye of one of a samurai named Aoyama. He tried many times to seduce her, but each time she rejected his advances. His final attempt at making her his mistress was by making a deal with her that he would overlook her mistake and tell his master that it was not her who lost the dish. However She refused however, causing her to be beaten by his servants and suspended over the castle well, where she was dunked and pulled out, only to be beaten by him even more, repeating until he demanded for the last time for her to be his mistress. She refused for the final time, causing him to strike her with his sword and dropping her body down into the well. Not long after, her ghost started wandering the castle grounds. Every night, she would rise from the well, enter her master’s house and search for the missing dish. While doing so she counts the plates, where she would scream after counting the ninth plate, it could be heard throughout the castle. Finally the lord called a priest, where he waited in the garden all night. Right after Okiku had counted the ninth plate the priest shouted ten, making her relieved that someone found the missing plate and disappeared.[2]



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