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Orochi-Onna (大蛇女, serpent woman) is a yōkai born from a scale of the Yato-no-Kami and is a loyal minion of the serpentine god. She appears in the 2008 film "GeGeGe no Kitarō: Nippon Bakuretsu!!", where she poses as Maya Hibino (日比野マヤ, Hibino Maya), a human school teacher and the object of Nezumi-Otoko’s affections.


Orochi-Onna's true form is an anthropomorphic serpent, with pale green scales, dark grey underside, a pair of slender arms and a rattle at the end of her long tail. Her face has a horn on her forehead, her eyes have yellow sclerae with narrow black pupils, a snout with a pink forked tongue and long wavy red hair. She also has a rather curvaceous figure, with pair of large breasts and unusually, a slit around her midsection that resembles a pair of legs.




Skin Shedding: Being a snake Orochi-Onna is able to shed her skin. Transformation: Orochi-Onna is capable of transforming into a human form, under the name Maya Hibino.




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