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Pluto (プルトー Purutō) is an akuma, a demon king, and one of Satan's Eight Shinigami. He is also known as Devil Pluto (デビルプルトー Debiru Purutō).


In the 1989 Akuma-kun anime, Pluto is an akuma with blue skin, a long pointy nose, red hair, and white eyes. He wears a purple crown that has withered tips, a dark teal robe with sleeves reaching his elbows, some gold rings wrapped around his upper arms and left wrist. Additionally he has a cyan snake with a spotted pattern wrapped around his body.



Shinigami Tai-Senki

Pluto, under Satan, occupied Kyōkan Jigoku and was living in his palace while preying on deaths. His subordinate, a dragonewt named Dragon or Han-Ryūjin was carrying humans to his master, including Shigeru Mizuki, who accidentally wandered into the Jigoku.

Pluto plotted to defeat Kitarō along with Dracula and Wolfman and tried to steal a magical gourd, but was sucked into the gourd in return.

Yōkai Sen-Monogatari

Backbeard led the Western Yōkai to invade Japan, but this was a part of his plan to resurrect the "Akuma President" Pluto. Backbeard then kidnapped human children and cultivated Kyūketsuju using their souls, and used their fruits which contained spiritual powers. As Pluto was powerful and invincible, his defeat made Backbeard to retreat.

Powers and Abilities

Levitation: Pluto is capable of floating in the air.[1]


Pluto is the god of wealth and the ruler of the underworld in Roman mythology. Son of Saturn, with his brothers being Jupiter and Neptune. He is the Roman equivalent to Hades of Greek Mythology.


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