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Poltergeist (ポルターガイスト Porutāgaisuto) is a ghost yōkai and a minion of Kōmori-Neko along with Ustrel and usually resides within Kōmori-Neko's body.


In general, Poltergeist is a yokai with a white amorphous body, resembling flowing cloth, that is varyingly shaded. He has a pair of arms with long pointy fingers, a pair of yellow eyes, and a wide mouth. Around his head are sharp-jagged edges, giving an impression of hair and a beard.

Within the 1996 anime, Poltergeist has a teal amorphous body, flowing as if it made of cloth with ripped edges, that is shaded varying around certain areas. He has arms with long thin fingers, a pair of red eyes, and purple lips.



1996 Anime

Powers and Abilities

Energy Sucking

Body Spliting



A Poltergeist is a type of ghost from German folktales whose name means "noisy ghost" or "noisy spirit". They are known to cause mischief and enjoy terrorizing humans and animals and normally haunt a certain building or person. They lift and move household objects, such as furniture, around and make loud and unexplainable noises. They are often associated with paranormal activity, and rarely, demonic possession.



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