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Raglesia (ラグレシア Ragureshia) or Vampire Flower Raglesia (吸血花ラグレシア Kyūketsuka Ragureshia)is a blood-sucking flower yōkai and an adversary of Kitarō. It lives on a southern island which is the only "surface property" of the Mu Empire.




Kitarō Kunitori Monogatari

It captured and enslaved a number of female islanders.

It aimed to put Kitaro and others asleep and defeat them at once, but as Doku-Musume reformed and betrayed Raglesia, it accidentally sucked Doku-Musume's blood, causing itself to wither. It was then burned to ash.

Powers and Abilities

Walking: It can walk with its roots.

Venom Pollen: It can emit a large amount of poisonous pollens from its stamen.

Sleeping Pollen:

Pistil: Its pistil can be used as weapons in a manner similar to whips.

  • Poisonous Stings: It has stings on its pistil.

Corolla: Its corollas can rotate and slash targets like a saw.

Other Media

GeGeGe no Kitarō: Ibun Yōkai Kitan

It formed an alliance with an army of Western Yōkai led by Giga, and it may appear as an enemy depending on the player's choices of routes.


The Rafflesia is a genus in the Rafflesiaceae family, they are parasitic flowering plants. The species is known to have enormous flowers, where the buds rise from the ground or directly from the lower stems of their host plants. There are approximately 28 species contained in the genus, all found in Southeast Asia, mainly in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines.