Raijū (雷獣 Raijū, lit. Thunder Beast) is an electric yōkai.


Raijū in the manga and the third anime resembles more traditional images of the yōkai. It has a carnivore-like appearance in general with brown or red orange colored fur, and two tails. Unlike in the illustration, hind limbs of ones in the anime adaptations are not multi-legged.

Within the fifth anime, Raijū's appearance is that of a large, lavender feline-like creature with two stocky tails and multiple yellow barbs on his back, those aligned on his spine being the largest. He has a pair of white thick whiskers, eyes with red irises and small black pupils. On each of his stubby paws are five yellow claws.[1]


Within the fifth anime, Raijū has an animalistic mindset and acts much like a beast. He displays behavior such attacking those he deems a threat to him or his home and becoming docile once he senses his home is restored.[1]


Third Anime

He appears in episode #108 of the third anime adaptation, Kitaro Family Forever.[2]

Fifth Anime

He appears in the tenth episode of the fifth anime adaptation, The Almighty God! Raijū.[1]

Sometime later, he awakens from his slumber and during the battle against Yato-no-Kami in GeGeGe no Kitarō: Nippon Bakuretsu!!, Yobuko calls for help from all over Japan, the remaining 47 Yōkai Warriors are revealed once their mark begins to shine. Among those are Raijū, who looks at his mark when it appears on his left ear. Afterwards his power is sent to aid Kitarō in defeating Yato-no-Kami.[3] He is also one of the 47 Yōkai Warriors. He's the representative of Tochigi. His mark is located on his left ear.


Raijū appears in Akuma-kun: The Great Prophet Nostradamus as a member of Shingo Yamada's Twelve Apostles, his position unknown.


Electric Generation: Raijū is able to generate lightning from his tails and mouth, utilizing it to attack those who threaten him. In the third anime, the lightning is green-colored while it was blue in the fifth anime.



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