Renge-Ō (蓮華王 Renge-Ō, lit. Lotus Flower King) is a subordinate of Enma-Daiō and one of 13 Kings of Jigoku in the 2007 anime.


Renge-Ō appears as a short girl with light pink skin, dark magenta hair, and eyes with blue iris and dark blue pupils. Her outfit consists of a sky blue robe with long sleeves, a green sash with orange rings, black shoes, and a hat with a red round-top and a tall black rim with yellow tips and a dragon pattern. She carries a red shield with a gold edge and a chain with a small black ball. Around her ankles are white bandage wrappings and has a white cloth covering her lower face.



2007 Anime

Episode 88: she appears along with the other 13 kings in episode #88 of the fifth anime adaptation, Yōkai Do-or-Die Spirit!! Hell Traversing Quiz!!.

Powers and Abilities

Energy Shield by 10 Kings

Energy Shield



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