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Sō-Daiō or Sō-Teiō or Sō-Taiō[1] (宋帝王 Sō-Daiō) is a subordinate of Enma-Daiō and one of 13 Kings of Jigoku in the 2007 anime.


Sō-Daiō appears as a very tall man with a slim build, pale skin, pointy ears, and a thin, dull brown mustache and beard. His eyes are sharp and have blue irises and thin slit pupils. He wears a mustard yellow robe with a purple and red belt, moss green baggy pants, white socks, and black shoes. He has white bandage wrappings around his wrists and a black hat with long thin “wings” called a Pu'tou.



2007 Anime

Episode 68: He appears in episode #68 of the fifth anime adaptation, Huge Battle of Hell! All of the Western Yōkai Appear.

Episode 88: He makes another appearance along with the other 13 kings in Yōkai Do-or-Die Spirit!! Hell Traversing Quiz!!.

Powers and Abilities

With Gokan-Ō, the two kings can support the entire Jigoku in an absence of Enma-Daiō.





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