Salaryman Yamada
Salaryman Yamada
Japanese サラリーマン山田
AKA The Bucktoothed Four-Eyes
Species Human
Gender Male
Age Varies
Occupation Varies
Other Information
Appearance Clean-cut & boring
Glasses Round
Facial Hair The occasional toothbrush mustache
Demeanor About to give up
Determination Unwilling to give up
Success Rate Minimal
First Appearance
Manga The Man Who Owned a Phoenix (1964)
Anime Series 1 Episode 1 (1968)
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Salaryman Yamada (サラリーマン山田), also known as the Bucktoothed Four-Eyes (メガネ出っ歯, Megane-Deppa), is a stock character who appeared in several of Shigeru Mizuki's stories. His name comes from his statue on Shigeru Mizuki Road.


Yamada is most recognized for his glasses and his bucktooth. He has a square-ish head, short hair, a pug nose and his upper lip sticks out past his bottom lip.


Yamada is a plain, ordinary, everyday office worker, known as a salaryman in Japan. He plays a different role every time he appears. While he is named Yamada many times, he has also gone by several other names. In addition to salarymen, he has also played several other ordinary people, such as villagers, a manga artist, a student and young boys. In contrast, he has also been a face in the crowd among more interesting types, such as ninjas and kappas. He often plays a character who gets caught up with yōkai in an attempt to make a better life for himself, but he usually suffers the consequences of his actions.

Yamada is the most frequent of Mizuki's stock characters and has appeared in stories since 1964, while Mizuki was working for Garo. He was modeled after Mizuki's friend and fellow rental manga artist Shōichi Sakurai. Mizuki kept using Yamada because he felt it was important to have the type of character who works and works but never gets ahead.