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Sara-Kazoe (皿数え Sara-Kazoe, Lit. "Plate Counting") is a female Yōkai or a ghost who is in a relationship with Ōnyūdō in the 1985 anime.[1]


In the 1985 anime, Sara-Kazoe is a tall woman with pale white skin, pointy ears, red nails, pink lips, and long black hair that reaches her legs. Her eyes are completely black with blue highlights. Her outfit consists of a white kimono with a white nagajuban underneath it, around her waist is a magenta obi with a white obijime tied over it. Her footwear consists of white tabi socks and geta sandals.[1]


Sara-Kazoe in anger



Sara-Kazoe appears in the chapter Plate Battle.

1985 Anime

Powers and Abilities

Sara-Kazoe manipulating plates

Plate Manipulation: Sara-Kazoe is able to control plates, making them float in the air and use them to attack her targets. She and the plates gain a pink aura while she attacks her targets. Her range is quite wide, being able to gather a city's worth of plates from her location.[1]

Plate Transformation: Sara-Kazoe is able to turn her lower half into a stack of plates.[1]

  • Plate Transmutation: She is also able to turn others into plates as well, each having a pattern or coloration that matches them.[1]

Plate Whirlwind:


Sara-Kazoe was recorded in Konjaku Gazu Zoku Hyakki as a horror and tragic tale of a young woman. This was likely based on more famous Banchō Sarayashiki, featuring haunting spirit of Okiku or Okiku-Mushi.

Her change in facial expression to an ogre-like one with anger is presumably based on Hannnya in Kabuki or Jōruri where both of above tales are famous plays for.



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