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The Sennin is an unnamed sage from Tibet, who is an old friend of Medama-Oyaji. When in the form of a Yōkai dog (妖犬 Yōken) he was called Kuro (クロ Kuro, lit. Black) in the manga[1] and Tarō (タロー Tarō) in the anime.[2]


In the manga, the Sennin is an elderly man with long hair that has one strand standing. He wears a robe, covering most of his body, and stands with a wooden staff.

In the 1985 anime, the Sennin is an elderly man with pale skin, long white hair with one strand spiraling up, and a thin moustache. He wears a blue robe that covers most of his body, save for his barefeet, and is always carrying around a wooden staff.




1985 Anime

In episode #88 of the third anime adaptation, he appears Mysterious Yōkai Dog Tarō. He came to Japan and fought against Kitarō by the request of Medama-Oyaji to sober down his son's pontifical attitude due to his continuous victories over villains.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Kitarō fighting against an illusion by the sage

Sage Powers:By becoming a sage and training for 3,000 years, he became a powerful being to overwhelm Kitarō.

  • Levitation
  • Transparency
  • Attack Neutralizing: The Sennin, both in human and dog forms, has been unharmed by Kitarō's attacks even when without neither dodging nor casting illusions.
  • Illusion: He can cast a powerful illusion to turn a rock into a powerful monster which somewhat resembles Langsuyar in appearance and behavior to use its tongue as the main weapon and is formidable to break Kitarō's Yōkai Ocarina in half, and the illusions will last for hours until the Sage decides to cease it.
  • Dog Transformation: The Sennin attained the ability to transform into a dog after training in Tibet for 60 years.[1]
    • Hair Needles (髪の毛針 Kami no Kebari): He is able to fire his hair like bullets at his target. Notably, his are more powerful than Kitarō's.[1][2]
  • Telepathy:
  • Precognition: