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Vampire Elite (Part 1) is the 15th episode of the 1968 GeGeGe no Kitarō anime.


  • All cast members are listed in order as they appear in the episode's credits.
  • All main cast members were credited only for their first role listed.
  • All guest cast members were not credited for any specific roles.


A vampire who can control bats using his guitar, has attacked the chairman of the Hanabishi Congolmerate. The chairman was luckily saved and brought to the hospital. However the vampire liked the taste of this man's blood so much. He sent flowers and a letter to the chairman, stating that he'll be back for more. Rather than get the police involved, The chairman instead seeks the aid of Gegege no Kitaro.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Vampire Elite (First appearance)
  2. Hanabishi President (First appearance)
  3. Nezumi-Otoko
  4. Kitarō
  5. Medama-Oyaji
  6. Salaryman Yamada
  7. Goldbug (First appearance)

Differences from the manga


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