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The Mysterious Yōkai Castle Appears!! is the first episode of the 1985 GeGeGe no Kitarō anime.




A mysterious figure kidnaps a child

Everything is normal at a construction site, where a bulldozer knocks over a small stone shrine. Afterward, the machinery begins to go out of control of the workers. Several children are abducted, including a young actress during filming, a boy at an arcade that is witnessed by Nezumi-Otoko, and a boy with glasses. At the GeGeGe House, Kitarō watches the news report these abductions and asks his father Medama-Oyaji, if he thinks these are done by Yōkai. On the television, they see Nezumi-Otoko claim to be a Yōkai expert and go off to investigate. Nezumi-Otoko tries to sell off his special charms and services, when Futakuchi-Onna arrives and kidnaps the rat Hanyō.

The Yōkai Castle rises from the ground

At the construction site, Kitarō senses Yōkai Activity, when suddenly a castle sprouts out from the center and is identified as the Yōkai Castle by Medama-Oyaji. The police arrive and Futakuchi-Onna and Kamaitachi cause some havoc. Kitarō tries to go through the police and convince them to leave it to him as it is the work of Yōkai. Meanwhile, in the Yōkai Castle Nezumi-Otoko is called out for his claim of being their leader, where Tantanbō orders him to abduct more children for them to turn into Yōkai. Using the Yokai Castle as their base, they plan to rule the Earth and take the place of humans. He asks why only children, where they answer that they are easier to convert. While this happens the kidnapped children try to escape through the ceiling but fail. Suddenly they hear a clip-clop sound and suspect that it must be Kitarō. The Yōkai boy walks through and is approached by Tantanbō who starts spitting saliva at him, managing to cover the boy in his attempt to run. Nezumi-Otoko lectures him, only to be caught and interrogated by Kitarō, and hit with his Geta after proving to be uncooperative.

Futakuchi-Onna tries to devour Kitarō

Soon Futakuchi-Onna catches him and tries to devour him, but Kitarō uses the Yōkai Ocarina to call forth allies. While this is happening, the three children nearly managed to escape but are caught by Kamaitachi who brings them to Tantanbō and are turned to stone. Nezumi-Otoko comes to warn them of Kitarō, but they presume that Futakuchi-Onna has probably eaten him by now where Kamaitachi goes off to check. Kitarō struggles with Futakuchi-Onna, but Sunakake-Babaa arrives in time, where the two-mouthed woman falls off the roof. They are soon encountered by Kamaitachi and dodge the falling beams. Tantanbō and Nezumi-Otoko hear crying, where the rat Yōkai decides to check on it and find Konaki-Jijii. The crying old man latches onto Nezumi-Otoko and demands to know where Kitarō and the children are. Kitarō and Sunakake-Babaa are chased into a corner when Ittan-Momen arrives and restrains Kamaitachi. Letting Kitarō go find the children while they find out how to sink the castle into the ground.

Kitarō and by the stone shrine

While searching for the children, the Yōkai boy is encountered by Tantanbō who asks to join his group but Kitarō denies and a fight ensues. Sunakake-Babaa and Nurikabe arrive in time, allowing Kitarō to get the upper hand and cause Tanatnbō to fall into his hole. They are soon called by Konaki-Jijii who are with the children and wonder how to turn them back to normal. Suddenly the castle starts sinking where they all hurry to the exit. After the castle returns to the ground once more, Ittan-Momen shows the others that the cause was the stone shrine being returned to its spot. Sunakake-Babaa wonders where Nezumi-Otoko is, where they find the rat Yōkai taking credit for the defeat of the Yōkai Castle trio. Kitarō and the others decide to leave before the humans find them, which the Yōkai boy thanks them for their help.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Little Girl (First appearance)
  2. Kamaitachi (First appearance)
  3. Little Boy (First appearance)
  4. Futakuchi-Onna (First appearance)
  5. Nezumi-Otoko (First appearance)
  6. Glasses Boy (First appearance)
  7. Tantanbō (First appearance)
  8. Announcer (First appearance)
  9. Kitarō (First appearance)
  10. Medama-Oyaji (First appearance)
  11. Bake-Garasu (First appearance)
  12. Sunakake-Babaa (First appearance)
  13. Konaki-Jijii (First appearance)
  14. Ittan-Momen (First appearance)
  15. Nurikabe (First appearance)
  16. Men in Crowd (Salaryman Yamada) (First appearance)


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