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Nation Founding!? Mabyō's Great Tottori Empire is the 65th episode of the 2018 GeGeGe no Kitarō anime. It is the 16th episode of the Four Generals of Jigoku Arc.




Mana, Kitarō, Medama-Oyaji and Neko-Musume visit Tottori for the first time in a long while. While there, they find out a shocking truth: Tottori has become The Great Tottori Empire, which is now independent from Japan. Soon after, they're put into a rehabilitation facility for the crime of saying a certain single phrase. On the other hand, Mana's uncle Shōji suspects that the governor is a fake. The governor senses this suspicion and has him chased down for being a traitor. Shōji finds Mana and the others who escaped rehabilitation and informs them that the governor is a fake. However, the governor arrives and exerts his evil influence. The Special Assassination Force Pear Tarō and Crab Jirō approach Mana and Shōji. As for Kitarō and the others, they...!?


Characters in order of appearance

  1. Governor Masashi Nozawa (Salaryman Yamada)
  2. Mabyō (First appearance)
  3. Kitarō
  4. Neko-Musume
  5. Bake-Garasu
  6. Medama-Oyaji
  7. Mana Inuyama
  8. Tourist (Salaryman Yamada)
  9. Rie Inuyama
  10. Police Officer
  11. Shōji Inuyama
  12. Police Officer
  13. Pear Taro/Maki (First appearance)
  14. Crab Jiro/Shunsuke (First appearance)
  15. Kinopi
  16. Salaryman Yamada (Likeness)
  17. Nami-Kozō (Likeness)
  18. Soroban-Bōzu (Likeness)


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