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Shōji Inuyama (犬山 庄司 Inuyama Shōji) is the uncle of Mana and brother of Yūichi, he lives in Sakaiminato with his wife Rie and appears in the 2018 anime.[1]




2018 Anime

The next morning, he, Mana, and a crowd gather around Kinopi, who was turned into a bronze statue. Shōji cries over what happened to his friend as Kitarō confirms that it was the work of a Yōkai. Later that day, Shōji helps Sunakake-Babaa get shochu, stopping by the temple in his truck. Not long after, she returns with Medama-Oyaji telling him to drive quickly, as they flee from the Yōkai causing these petrifications chases after them, managing to hit a part of his truck. At his house, the two Yōkai discuss with him and Mana about the Yōkai, who called her "princess". He remarks on the number of townspeople who were turned as they plan what to do. Medama-Oyaji suggests the Karasu-Tengu tribe of Mount Daisen could help, where he volunteers to drive them there. Unfortunately, they are found by the Yōkai, they try to escape but he finds them. He reaches for his bat and tries to attack him, but is swiftly turned into a bronze statue. Later that night he is returned to normal thanks to the sacred water brought by Kojirō, who startles him. They plan to enlist the help of the townspeople to bring more water, but the Yōkai returns and Sunakake-Babaa answers his riddle, revealing his name to be Kani-Bōzu. Stunned by the sight of the giant crab, Kojirō tells him and Mana to stay there. After Kani-Bōzu's defeat, he and the other townsfolk grant the crab Yōkai's wish to lay to rest, placing a statue of the princess and of other Yōkai around the streets of Sakaiminato.[2]


Baseball Bat: Being a former baseball player, Shoji owns a metal baseball bat to play the sport.[1]

Truck: Shoji owns a white truck with an open back and black wheels. He uses this for work and managed to drive away from Kani-Bozu who was chasing after it.[2]



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