Stealing shirikodama
Type Mythical Organ
User Various
First Appearance
Anime Series 6 Episode 14 (2018)

Shirikodama are mythical balls that appear in the 2018 anime.[1]


Shirikodama18 EP9 8

Ittan-Momen's Shirikodama being stolen.

Shirikodama are glowing yellow balls that reside within a person's anus. Kappas are able to steal a person's Shirikodama, by pulling it out from behind. It is capable of being returned the same way, also causing a slight discomfort. Yōkai are also capable of having their Shirikodama stolen, even those with no noticeable spot, such as Ittan-Momen and Nurikabe.

Jiromaru returns Kitaro's shirikodama

Jirōmaru returns Kitarō's Shirikodama

When one's Shirikodama is stolen, they feel a moment of discomfort, but quickly fall in to a state of bliss and they become lethargic and lazy. Victims are unwilling to move and are content to just lay around. They also seem to have dreams of happy moments in their life.[1]


A Shirikodama is a mythical ball said to contain a person's soul, which is located inside the anus. Kappas sometime take their victim's Shirikodama in order to gain their power.



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