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Shiro-Kihatsu (白鬼髪 Shiro-Kihatsu, lit. White Hair Demon) is a human-like hair yōkai.


Shiro-Kihatsu's appearance is that of a slender young woman, with pale white skin and long, wavy white hair that reaches down to her legs. Her eyes are covered by her bangs, which split above her nose. She wears a white long-sleeve midriff top over a knee-length purple sundress, white heels, and a white sunhat tied with a blue ribbon.


As she was born from the sorrow of women who were forced to cut their hair, Shiro-Kihatsu often laments over things and is rather pessimistic. This however does not mean she is placid, as she will go against anyone who she deems an enemy. She is willing to change her view though, and is selfless having sacrificed herself to save the girl possessed by Kuro-Kihatsu.


2007 Anime

She appears along with Kuro-Kihatsu in episode #37 of the fifth anime adaptation, Kitarō Defeated! Hatred of Kihatsu.

Powers and Abilities

Hair Knives: Shiro-Kihatsu is able form the tips of her hair into sharp knives.


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