Shu no Bon
Shu no Bon
2007 anime art
Japanese 朱の盆
English Red Plate
Species Yōkai
Gender Male
Abilities Transformation
Affiliation Nurarihyon Faction
Other Information
Boss Nurarihyon
Loyalty Quite high
Usefulness Medium
Competence Quite low
First Appearance
Anime Series 3 Episode 4 (1985)
Manga Yōkai Sumo (1992)
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Shu no Bon (朱の盆, Red Plate) is Nurarihyon's right hand man in most anime adaptations of GeGeGe no Kitarō. He first appeared in the fourth episode of the 3rd anime, Yōkai Nurarihyon.



Shu no Bon has a large head with a big red face. He has wide yellow eyes and a horn on forehead. The tip of his lower lip constantly lays on top of his upper lip. His mouth is otherwise always depicted open, revealing a row of sharp teeth. He has long dark gray hair and tends to dress in traditional Japanese servant clothing



Shu no Bon appears as Nurarihyon's minion in the 3rd, 4th and 5th anime. He is very loyal to Nurarihyon and is therefore almost always seen with him. Throughout the series he is portrayed as a simpleton and a scoundrel, always carrying out Nurarihyon's evil deeds. However, he himself is not necessarily evil, but rather just carefree and stupid enough to go along with anything Nurarihyon tells him to do.

Third Anime

In Ep. 58 of the 3rd anime, Nurarihyon has him kidnap Yumeko, and he later confides in her that he is only good at startling people. Yumeko raises his spirits, so he betrays Nurarihyon (for this one episode) and let's her escape. From then on, Shu no Bon considers Yumeko an "angel". Additionally, it was after seeing Yumeko's kindness with his own eyes that he finally turned good in the final episode of the 3rd anime. He thanks Yumeko for being so kind to him before jumping on Ittan-Momen and attacking Nurarihyon. After a struggle, they both fall into the lava of Jigoku.

Fourth Anime

In the 4th anime, he has more a tendency to question or even talk back to Nurarihyon.

Fifth Anime

He first appears in the fourth episode of the 5th anime, Be a Man! Ittan-Momen.

In episode 72 of the 5th anime, when Shu no Bon is unable to capture a single Yanari and then accidentally frees all the Yanari caught by Kamaitachi, Nurairhyon threatens to fire him if he can't capture one Yanari. He goes back to capture one but is instead capture by Kitarō and brought to Yōkai Yokochō. He then reveals to Kitarō that Nurarihyon plans to use Yanari to revive Yōkai Castle. Once Kitarō's eye is off of him, Shu no Bon escapes and goes back to catch a Yanari. He captures just one and returns to Nurarihyon, but because he revealed the plan to Kitarō, he and the rest of his crew are heading toward Yōkai Castle. Nurarihyon fires him on the spot, but because the Yanari laugh so hard at the sight of Shu no Bon's face as he constantly gets accidentally knocked around during the battle that they revive Yōkai Castle, Nurarihyon decides to take Shu no Bon back.


Shu no Bon appears in the crowd of plaintiffs at The Great Yōkai Trial in the 1st live action film, but does not appear with Nurarihyon in the second film.


Shu no Bon possesses the ability to transform into humans. Abruptly switching back to his regular form is supposed to shock humans to death (as in his legend), but when he used it on Yumeko Tendō, she was not shocked. He only ever used this ability in the 3rd anime. He has the striking power of 7 human men, but this strength makes him uselessly weak in a fight with other yōkai.



The Shu no Bon is a yōkai that shows humans its horrifying face, shocking them so much that they either die of fright or the creature steals their soul.



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