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Simurgh or Reichō Simurgh (霊鳥スィームルグ, lit. Spirit Bird Simurgh) is a race of divine bird of Turkey.




Kitarō's Vietnam War

Simurgh were summoned as reinforcement to aid Kitarō during the Vietnam War. Helping largely by scouting and destroying US jets and tanks.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced Strength: Despite their size, Simurgh is strong enough to carry Konaki-Jijii while he is petrified, where the latter was dense enough to incapacitate a US submarine.



Human Speech:


Simurgh is a notable character within Persian Mythology and is noted to be similar in characteristics to many mystical birds of other cultures such as Phoenix, Ziz, Garuda, Fenghuang, and Roc.

It is the king of birds with a gigantic proportion, chimera like traits to possess claws of lions, and is a divine bird although there had been cases to portrait it to be a dog-like being with a lower body of a peacock. It is said to live about 1,700 years and has an egg when it reaches 300 years old. The egg requires about 250 years to hatch. When the new Simurgh matures, the mother would cast herself into a fire and pass away.

In Shahnameh, either one or two individuals appeared. One as a heroic and caring being to raise and protect the hero Zal and his family, later helped his fight against Esfandiyār a prince of Iran. Another, either the same individual or different one appeared as a villain to be slain by Esfandiyār.

It appeared as Saēna in Zoroastrianism, and later became Anqa in Arabian Mythology, Simargl in Slavic Mythology, and Zhar Ptica in Russian Mythology.


  • Mizuki's illustration was likely based on an artwork of the Gallus indicus auritus tridactylus (Three clawed Indian rooster) from Monstrorum Historia in 1642 by Ulisse Aldrovandi.