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Tōma (冬真 Tōma) is a teenage boy and son of a company president. He becomes the target of the Vampire Elite after escaping him one night.[1]


Tōma is teenage boy with fair skin, light brown hair, and blue eyes.[1]


He is easily frightened, being afraid of going alone to find one of his roommate, going with Itsuki and Subaru instead. He becomes traumatized after witness said roommate and his friends be attacked by a vampire, confining himself inside his room and refusing to go out.[1]


2018 Anime

Tōma enrolls into the Poranchal Academy in spring. One night, one his roomates did not return so he, Itsuki, and Subaru go looking for him. They find him in a chapel where a vampire is biting his neck. Horrified, the three start running away and are chased out in the forest by a flock of vampire bats. Tōma watches as Itsuki and Subaru are captured and he trips as he swats away the bats. Eventually he finds a car with a couple inside and asks for their help. After he returns home, he is terrified and tells his father what happened, not leaving his room for a week.[1]

His worried father requests Kitarō for help. At night, Tōma is visited by the two and he opens his room's door, surprised to see a kid and even more so when he sees Medama-Oyaji, who tells him not worry they will protect him from the vampire. However, Tōma is greeted by Elite who manages to outwit Kitarō's group. He is rendered unconcious and taken away to Elite's place. He is later tied to a pole, where Kitarō finds him. When Elite starts playing his guitar, Tōma breaks free of his restraints and grabs Kitarō by his neck. He walks over to the pews where his hypnotized friends join in restraining the Yōkai boy. When Neko-Musume and the others arrive and Elite stops playing, Tōma and the other boys fall out of the hypnosis and collapse. Later as Elite orders his bats to burn the place after his hand is melted away, Tōma and the others are carried to get out of the building.[1]



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