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The Take-Nezumi no Sei (竹鼠の精 Take-Nezumi no Sei, lit. Bamboo Rat Spirit) are yōkai from the Malay Peninsula.


The Take-Nezumi no Sei are small rodent yōkai, each being identical with yellow fur, small pointy ears and a long tail. Their eyes have light yellow sclerae and small black pupils, they also have four pairs of whiskers and a pair buck teeth. On their backs are gold colored marks resembling faces in a smile, which is where their translucent apparitions appear from.[1]


As is their name, they are rat spirits who love bamboo, their appetite for is immense that the three are able to take down an entire bamboo forest.


2018 Anime

Three Take-Nezumi no Sei were among the few yōkai who managed to escape the destruction of their home. They drifted to Japan and met Kitarō and the others, who initially welcomed them to the GeGeGe Forest as they were fellow yōkai. However, the Take-Nezumi no Sei and the others had different customs and traditions than the Japanese yōkai, which led to an argument between the two groups. The Take-Nezumi no Sei were among those that caused the most disturbance out of the group, as they ate through an entire bamboo forest. While they attempted to resolve the conflict by separating themselves from each other, Agnès suddenly appears from a jewel dropped by Nezumi-Otoko. Soon after her, Wolfgang appears as well, asking Agnès to return to the castle. Miminaga identifies Wolfgang as the one responsible for destroying their home and killing their friends, causing them to hide behind some bushes. Miminaga soon faces him, determined to fight for their new place of belonging, but Wolfgang swiftly kills him. The Take-Nezumi no Sei and the others jump out in an attempt to avenge him, but they are killed one after the other. Later, the Kitarō Family construct gravestones for their fallen friends, including those for the Take-Nezumi no Sei, leaving a few stalks of bamboo for them.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Apparition Manifestation: The Take-Nezumi no Sei are able to create vaguely human-like apparitions from their backs that are translucent. Their expressions match those of their Take-Nezumi no Sei's, as they smiled while enjoying their time in GeGeGe Forest and had angered frowns as they tried to avenge Miminaga.[1]


The Take-Nezumi no Sei are creatures that spend a lifetime eating bamboo to survive. Giant Pandas are their natural enemies, due to the competition for bamboo.



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