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Takurō-Bi (たくろう火 Takurō-Bi) is a fire Yōkai.


In the 1985 anime, the three Takurō-Bi are entirely composed of pink fire, having a small wispy tail flowing wildly upwards. Their faces consists of skull-like mouths and sunken eyes, with one only having the top set of teeth and another having sharp teeth in addition to having a third eye[1]

Within the 2018 anime, Takurō-Bi's appearance is a being completely composed of fire, from his small wispy tail to the flames atop his head. He has a pair of arms that can blend in with his fire body. His face consists of a skull-like mouth and a pair of eyes that are surrounded with black as the outer ring and yellow as the inner ring, his eyes have light purple sclerae and small black pupils. When enraged his pupils turn red and are shaped like normal eyes.[2]



1985 Anime

Three individuals appeared.[1]

2018 Anime

Takurō-Bi appears in episode #21 of the sixth anime adaptation, Flame on! The Solitude of the Takurō-Bi.[2] He appears again in episode #28 along with Amefuri-Kozō and the other yōkai of the GeGeGe Forest to help Kitarō fight off the Western Yōkai. After Backbeard's army retreats, Amefuri-Kozō conjures rain to put out the fire consuming the GeGeGe Forest, Karakasa shielding him from the rain.[3]

Powers and Abilities

Takurō-Bi's fire blast in the 1985 anime.

Fire Manipulation: As beings made of fire, Takurō-Bi are able to control fire and use it to attack their targets. Due to being made of fire, Because his body is made of fire, Takurō-Bi is able to set things ablaze. Unfortunately, he has no control over this and whatever he touches will burn.[2]

  • Fire Breath: In the 1985 anime, separately each Takurō-Bi can breathe out flames to attack their targets. When merged though their firepower does not increase, as Kitarō was able to easily defend himself with his Yōkai Ocarina when only one head spewed out fire.
  • Fire Absorption: When enraged Takurō-Bi is capable of absorbing beings by blasting them with fire, followed by swallowing them whole. Those absorbed can be set free once Takurō-Bi has been weakened significantly, being spat out in a ball of fire with no noticeable injuries.[2]

Levitation: Takurō-Bi is able to float off the ground, he is also capable of flying high enough to have an aerial view over the amusement park.[2]


At the eastern coast of the Hiroshima Prefecture, the Takurō-Bi appears as a pair of fireballs floating in the sea at night, often spotted by sailors traveling on the Seto Inland Sea. In Hiroshima there's a story about two women who died a tragic death and transformed into two stones called Kyō-Jorō and Chikushi-Jorō, with their souls becoming the Takurō-Bi and float on the sea every night. It's also known as the Kurabe-Bi.



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