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Tenka (天火 (てんか) Tenka, lit. Heaven Flame) otherwise known as Tenpi or Tenbi, is a fire yōkai and a member of the Flame Yōkai Five.


Tenka appears as a large mass entirely composed of blue flames, having a long, smooth and wavy exterior that becomes thinner as it reaches the tail. His body has a somewhat circle pattern, with pieces that extends across his body, unlike the others he does not have a visible face.[1]




Tenka, called as "Tenpi" appeared in the chapter A Walk to Hell. Tenpi participated in an sukiyaki party which has been held at Jindaiji temple once in every seven years.

1985 Anime

He also makes appearances in episode 35, where he is a part of the Flame Yōkai Five (炎の妖怪五人衆) along with Tsurube-Bi, Ubaga-Bi, Kurage-no-Hinotama, and Bake-Bi.[1]

1996 Anime

2007 Anime

Tenka appeared in episode #25 of the fifth anime adaptation, as one of the many participants of the sports festival.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Fire Manipulation: Due to his body being entirely made of flames, Tenka is able to radiate heat where, together with the rest of the Flame Yōkai Five, are able to evaporate nearby water.[1]




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