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Tenko (天狐 Tenko, lit. heaven fox) is the leader of the Yōko.

Though typically depicted as a female she was portrayed as male in the 1968 anime.


In the third anime, Tenko is a female kitsune with white fur, four pairs of whiskers above her lips and neck-length orange hair. She has a furry orange eyebrows above her sharp eyes, that have light blue sclerae and thin slit pupils. She wears a long lavender robe that conceals most of her body.

Within the fourth anime, Tenko is a female kitsune with light purple fur, five pairs of whiskers and long white hair. Her eyes have yellow sclerae and circular black pupils, above them are a pair of dark purple eyebrows. She wears a light teal priest outfit.[1]


In the 1985 anime, she admitted her lose to Kitarō not by sheer result of the combat, but due to her concern of damaging her clan by keeping the fight, and she pretended the match to be looked like somewhat even.


1968 Anime

1985 Anime

1996 Anime

Powers and Abilities


Nullifying Energy


Tenko are good kitsune that possesses divine powers. Having lived for a thousand years they are usually described as possessing silver, golden, or white fur, and have multiple, often four, bushy tails. They commonly appear as beautiful human-like goddess. Within the kitsune ranked hierarchy, the Tenko are said to be the highest rank and possess magical powers to be on par with gods.


  • Tenko's silhouette was briefly seen in the second opening of the 2007 anime.


  1. GeGeGe no Kitarō (1996): Episode 72


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