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The Batteries (電池組 Denchi-gumi) are a popular idol group that appear in the 2018 anime.



The Batteries frequently appear throughout the series, performing for concerts or events.

Episode Two

The Batteries first appear in the second episode of the sixth anime adaptation, Terror! Miage-Nyūdō. Nezumi-Otoko accidentally frees Miage-Nyūdō after peeing on his seal. He gives Nezumi-Otoko gold in exchange for freeing him, and asks if he would like more. Nezumi-Otoko approaches Akimura, who is the producer of The Batteries. Nezumi-Otoko buys his business with gold and kicks off BiBiBi Promotion. Tickets go on sale for The Batteries' 50,000 crowd concert, held at Central Dome on April 8. Due to their popularity, the tickets were sold out in a minute and were already going at a premium. As the concert was beginning, Miage-Nyūdō appears and sends everyone at the venue to the Spirit World. Since Mana's father designed the Central Dome, she, Kitarō and the others were able to get in and defeat Miage-Nyūdō. After his defeat, everyone is returned from the Spirit World.

Episode 16

In episode 16, they briefly appear performing in Sakaiminato for the 73rd Harbor Fishing Festival.


  • Third Album "Love Leakage Warning?!" (愛の液モレ注意報?!)
  • "Loving Solar" (ソーラーに愛して。)



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