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The Bird That Takes One Step a Millennium (千年に一歩歩く鳥 Sennen ni Ippo aruku Tori) is a giant yōkai bird.


The Bird's appearance is mostly concealed in darkness and usually appears as a silhouette. They resemble a normal bird, but of a much gargantuan size, having an ovular shape with a pair of small ears somewhat resembling that of a horned owl, and thin legs. They has a single large eye that lacks a pupil and emits light.

In Hakaba, the bird's appearance remains unchanged, still appearing as a gargantuan bird with a single eye that emits light. One foot is shown to have two front toes and one back toe, all three have a small white talon on the tip, and are pink in color. They are shrouded in darkness and has a faint yellow outline.


Hakaba Kitarō

Video Games


Light Generation: The bird is able to emit a beam of light from their eye.



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