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Tofu-Kozō (豆腐小僧 Tofu-Kozō, lit. Tofu Boy) is a yōkai boy who carries around a plate of tofu. In manga and third anime adaptions, a group of them serve Yamagami.


Tōfu-Kozō is a small yōkai who resembles a human child with short black hair and eyes, as well as constantly sticking his tongue out. He wears a little boys’ kimonos and wide-brimmed straw hats, which is the typical outfit of a tofu-selling young boy of the Edo period. He is virtually always seen carrying a tray of tofu.


Tōfu-Kozō is often portrayed as amicable and timid. For the most part, he will shy away from any confrontation, sticking to the sidelines.


1985 Anime

Tōfu-Kozō appears in episode #106 of the third anime adaptation, Tofu-Kozō and Yamagami.

2007 Anime


In the fifth Anime, Tōfu-Kozō makes occasional appearances. He is shown in the second ending animation of the series.

At Yōkai Yokochō, Tofu-Kozō spins around and runs by the streets.[1]

One of the episodes where he gets a decent spotlight is in episode #34 of the fifth anime adataption, Yōkai Yokochō's Cruise to Hell.[2]

2018 Anime

Opening: In the sixth Anime, Tōfu-Kozō appears in the opening animation sitting on the roof of a building.

Tofu-Kozo 2

Episode One: After Mana states that she wants to understand more about yōkai, she looks up at the Vampire Tree that Kitarō had turned into, and briefly sees Tōfu-Kozō sitting on a branch. After Mana rubs her eyes, she looks up again to see that he has disappeared and Medama-Oyaji chuckles.[3]

Episode 23:  He is seen again at the Yōkai Apartment in episode #23, The Yōkai Apartment Secret Story.

Episode 34:

He is among yōkai gathered around the GeGeGe House, trying to drive Agnès out of the forest. He listens to Medama-Oyaji's warning that if they drive her out then the tragedy Malay yōkai will repeat somewhere else. Soon followed by Kitarō as he explains how grave the consequences are if Japan becomes a part of Backbeard's empire, causing the crowd to look at one another. Until their attention is drawn to Kitarō as he stands on his resolve to fight.[4]


Reflexes: Tofu-Kozō has fast reflexes, making him able to dodge a human's barrage of punches.[2]

Tongue: He is able to catch and stop bullets with his tongue.[2] However, it was their weak spot in the third anime adaptation.

Vanishing: Tofu-Kozō was able to appear on a branch of the Vampire Tree, and quickly disappear as Mana had saw.[3]

Mold Tofu


Tofu: Tofu-Kozō carries around a plate of tofu. He also has an assortment of other tofu related objects.[5]



Tōfu-Kozō are known to be servant yokai, first and foremost. Even among other yōkai, they are often bullied and teased for their lack of strength. They get no respect from those above them; at most, they act as menial servants to more powerful yōkai.


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