Tsubomi (蕾 Tsubomi) appears to be just like an ordinary maid, but she is actually an offspring henchman of the yōkai Furu-Tsubaki.[1]


Tsubomi has long orange bangs that sweep to the right side of her face. Like the other maids, she wears a pink maid dress, a frilled white apron and head accessory, black stockings, and white Mary Jane shoes.[1]



2007 Anime

She appeared along with her siblings and their mother, Furu-Tsubaki, in episode 45 of the fifth anime adaption, Neko-Musume Abuzz!? Yōkai Maid Cafe.[1]


Like the other maids of the cafe called "Milky Melty", she is disguised as a cute human girl to lure men with their charm and a special scent they release under their hair. Once the prey is attracted to the sweet smell, they slowly turn into flies and as their body is compacted into it's new form, they sleep for eternity in the flowers that were once the women they were dating, having their energy slowly draining away. Near the end of the episode, she breaks the chain process and assists Kitarō trapping him and risks her life to end Furu-Tsubaki's plot. It was a bittersweet moment for the yōkai boy to suffer, but he knows that someday, he will see the brave and beautiful maid once more.[1]


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