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Tsuchi no Sei (土の精 Tsuchi no Sei, lit. Earth Spirit) is a yōkai from the Malay Peninsula.


Tsuchi no Sei's body comprises a large head, a rounded torso, and a pair of legs. He has light blue skin, a bald head with a big nose, and a pair of small pointy ears. His eyes are surrounded with thin rings and have light yellow sclerae with small blue pupils. His most notable feature is his mouth, which has pink gums and a large tongue. He has few teeth, all being sharp, where a pair of big teeth with three smaller sharp teeth between them are on his lower jaw and a single tooth that is the same size as the pair is in the middle of his upper jaw.[1]



2018 Anime

Tsuchi no Sei was among the few yōkai who managed to escape the destruction of their home. They drifted to Japan and met Kitarō and the others, who initially welcomed them to the GeGeGe Forest as they were fellow yōkai. However, Tsuchi no Sei and the others had different customs and traditions than the Japanese yōkai, which led to an argument between the two groups. While they attempted to resolve the conflict by separating themselves from each other, Agnès suddenly appears from a jewel dropped by Nezumi-Otoko. Soon after her, Wolfgang appears as well, asking Agnès to return to the castle. Miminaga identifies Wolfgang as the one responsible for destroying their home and killing their friends, causing them to hide behind some bushes. Miminaga soon faces him, determined to fight for their new place of belonging, but Wolfgang swiftly kills him. Tsuchi no Sei and the others jump out in an attempt to avenge him, but they were killed one after the other. Later, the Kitarō Family construct gravestones for their fallen friends, including one for Tsuchi no Sei, leaving behind a cup of sake for him.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Earth Manipulation: Being an earth spirit, he has control over the ground, as shown by making a hole while he and his friends were partying.[1]


The Tsuchi no Sei, also known as Bès Bumi or Hantu Bumi, is a creature feared by parents and their children. He lives underground and clings onto children, regardless if it's day or night. The person collapses, faints, and dies. According to legend he ruthlessly eats the heads of children. They appear under unknown conditions.



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