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Tsukumogami (付喪神 Tsukumogami, lit. Artifact Spirit) are a class of yōkai born from inanimate objects gaining life.


Tsukumogami usually appear to be animate beings of the item they originated from. Most yōkai of this class takes the form of their item and gain human features, such as arms, legs, and facial features, mainly the eyes and frequently the mouth. Although there are some exceptions such as Mokumokuren and Fuguruma-Yōbi.


Tsukumogami have a range of personalities, usually depending on each individual item's reason for coming to life. Most may feel betrayed, confused, and overwhelmed with sadness, which can lead to their rampage. Others may simply attempt to find another home.



1968 Anime

1971 Anime

1985 Anime

1996 Anime

2007 Anime

2018 Anime

Isao's household items become tsukumogami due to their strong emotions after believing they have been thrown away by their beloved owner. Among these tsukumogami is Bake-Zōri. They appear in episode #41 of the 2018 anime adaptation, Enigma! Bake-Zōri's Rebellion.

Powers and Abilities

Inanimate Disguise: Within 1985, 2007, and 2018 anime, Tsukumogami are able to switch between an inanimate and animate state.

List of Tsukumogami


The Tsukumogami class is comprised of ordinary household items that have come to life on the one-hundredth anniversary of their birthday. On this day, they become animate and self-aware.



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