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The Tubuan (トゥブアン Tubuan) are ancient spirits of the islands surrounding Papua New Guinea.[1]


The Tubuan are small beings covered in green leaves, with a ring of red leaves around their neck and maroon human-like legs. Their heads are conical in shape and are colored black, their faces have a pair of white circles with a thin black ring inside it and a dot at the center, resembling eyes, white upside-down arrow symbols that make it look like a smile, and tufts of green leaves at the top. Some Tubuan are slightly shorter, lacking the ring of red leaves around their necks and the upside-down arrow symbol, they also appear to have smaller tufts of leaves.[1]


Normally the Tubuan do not harm humans, but if felt intimidated then they would threaten them through their most terrifying experiences. They also felt pity for the Japanese soldiers who died on their island, deciding to protect their remains. However, they are forgiving, as they stopped after Mana had thanked them.[1]


2018 Anime

Several silhouetted Tubuan on a branch

When the Karimaru Forestry disturbed the resting spot of the remains of Japanese soldiers who died on the islands, the Tubuan felt intimidated by their actions and decided to make them hear the sounds of war every night. One night as they play the sounds again, Mana had entered the jungle and caused her to run deep into it. They stop once the footprints following Mana approach her, where three are watching them from a branch and quickly disappear. They later appear on the branches of the sacred tree, where they watch as Mana and her friends discover the remains and as Medama-Oyaji explains about them to Mana, who decides to thank them for this revelation, because of this they disappear from sight.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Curse Affliction: The Tubuan are able to replicate sounds they have experienced, such as the sounds of war that happened on their island, which Medama-Oyaji describes as their most terrifying ability.[1]

Vanishing: They are able to disappear from sight, appearing as if they dissolve into thin air.[1]


The Tubuan is a masked ritual figure which the Tolai of Papua New Guinea regards as a prime symbol of their traditional culture. The Tubuan is considered the female spirit in the Duk-Duk, a secret society that is part of the traditional culture of the Tolai, whereas the male spirit is called Duk Duk.



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